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Australia-Africa Mining for Development
Australia-Africa Mining for Development (www.australia-africa-m4d.org) is the site of African mining governance activities financed by the Australian Government.

These activities are for Africans, and take place in Australia, Africa or elsewhere.

The Australian Government's mining for development ("M4D") activities are implemented by Australian aid program directly and by three Australian aid-funded programs: The website has seven main resources:
  • Activities - details of past and some planned African M4D activities;
  • Participants - professional details of participants in African M4D activities;
  • Resources - articles, interviews and other information resources for M4D participants;
  • Gallery - selected photos of African M4D activities and participants;
  • Forum - a facilitated discussion space for participating individuals and agencies;
  • Events - announcements about upcoming events and training opportunities; and
  • M4D Interest Groups - details about establishing M4D groups.
Beyond this homepage, the Resources and Gallery sections are also accessible to the public.

Other sections of the site are accessible only to M4D participants: they can get an access password from the site administrator.
Recently Uploaded Resources
14 Oct '13 - Análise do terceiro relatório da ITIEM A opacidade da indústria extractiva dum país “cumpridor da transparência”
14 Oct '13 - Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: Mozambique moves towards Compliant Status
14 Oct '13 - Comment letter on the revision of the petroleum legislation
14 Oct '13 - Brief on Mozambique failing score (2013 Resource Governance Index)
Recent Forum Postings
Il y a lieu d'introduire les thèmes développés par IM4DC pour ses formations ou ses forums. Une cert ...
Seidou Ali - 8 Apr '14
La transparence est synonyme d'absence TOTALE d'opacité, de dire ou de faire tel que cela est honnêt ...
Seidou Ali - 16 Dec '13
Je pense que la transparence dans l'industrie minière dépend du niveau de transparence du régime pol ...
Arnaud Tonang - 11 Dec '13
Invlovement of local women in artisan mining in Nigeria using old crude tools
Edem Edem - 25 Nov '13
Recent Announcements
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Applications for the Australia Awards are now open.

For more information, click on www.australiaawardsafrica.org/events/australia-awards-applications-open/
Recently Added Activities
Mining and Gender Study Tour to South Africa and Australia
28 Nov '13
Masters in Exploration Geophysics 2012
15 Nov '13
Sustainable Revenues Flows 2010
15 Nov '13
Master of Engineering Science (Metallurgy) 2011
8 Nov '13
Recently Added Participants
Marit Kitaw - Governance and Public Administration Officer, African Minerals Development Centre ( AMDC)  (Ethiopia)
28 Nov '13
Gonzague Rosalie - Economic Affairs Officer, African Center for Gender  (Ethiopia)
28 Nov '13
Atef Mohammed Marzouk - Senior Policy Officer,Infrastructure and Energy  (Ethiopia)
28 Nov '13
Naomi Mathotho - Economist  (Zambia)
28 Nov '13
Recently Created Gallery Albums
Mining Governance and Africa Down Under Study Tour to Australia 2013 (12 photos)
Gold Mining and Fraud Prevention Study Tour to Australia
(8 photos)
International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA) Annual Conference 2013 Calgary, Canada  (13 photos)
Mining Development Infrastructure Study Tour  (8 photos)
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